About us.

The history of SENERGYPS starts in January 2015 when the process for its creation are initiated as a Spin-off company of the University of Extremadura with the main objective of transferring the knowledge acquired for Power Electric and Electronic Systems Research and Development Group of the University of Extremadura. This group has been working for a long time in projects related with renewable energies, power quality, energy storage and electric mobility, from the point of view of both electric systems and power electronics.

During that time, multitude prototypes of energy management electronic systems has been developped as, for example, active power filters for harmonic compensation, photovoltaic plants inverters, and charger for electric vehicles. There have been also made various evaluation and energy optimization studies and analysis about industrial instalations using power analyzers and monitoring systems.

These systems and studies are the base and the origin of the products and services that SENERGYPS tries to put on the market after its definitive constitution in June 2015.