Easy Energy

EasyEnergy is a first kind of products with the aim to facilitate Energy end-users, both domestics and industrials, the tasks related with Monitoring and Controlling the Energy Consumption. It will be mainly compesed by a set of wireless sensors and actuators, and a monitor and control software application.

Open energy

OpenEnergy is a second kind of products with the objective of giving to the Energy related profesionals the requiered systems for they can by themselves offer to the final client the desired solution. In addition of the products themselves, It will be available the required support for designing, implementation of adaptation of the Energy Field Applications.

Power Electronic Solution

Regarding the range of horizontal products related with Power Electronics, right now SENERGYPS is working in two products for sale:

  • The first of them is a driver for Intelligent Power Modules, and
  • The second one is a General Purpose Control Platform for Power Electronics Systems, with the corresponding publication of Application Cases as examples and Programming Libraries.


ANE is a device designed to measure the wind speed in km/h from the signal generated by an anemometer. The update of the measurement is made every 3 seconds, making an average in the interval. It has 2 levels of wind speed detection, one for pre-alarm and one for alarm, with outputs to relay to act on other devices. The measurement can be displayed on a 2-digit display.

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DES is a device designed for discharge high power converters capacitors banks. In maintenance tasks it is necessary to stop the converter equipment, but only when the capacitor bus is discharged up to safe voltage values ​​it is possible to perform these tasks. Through the DES unloader, these waiting times are eliminated, leading to the downloading at a time of the order of seconds.

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