Reports on Reducing Electric Bills

SENERGYPS installs several power analyzers in your installations and elaborates a report of electricity consumption, which is compared with the data from your electricity bills. Recommendations about the most convenient electricity tariff and contracted power levels are included in this report with the aim of reducing the electricity bill. The report also includes, if required, some recommendations about the equipments that could be installed for bill optimization, estimating the amortization period.

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Analysis for Characterizing the Electric Consumption

SENERGYPS analyzes your electricity consumption, doing a clasification of your processes and machineries, identifying the ones responsible of the most consumption percentage. Therefore, the principal devices and processes are characterized, obtaining power curves with minutes or seconds resolution. These curves allow to analyze the consumption peaks and their duration, enabling to establish strategies for avoiding the simultaneity of two or more consumption peaks.

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Implementation of Energy Monitoring and Control Systems

SENERGYPS offers services for implementing monitoring and energy control systems that allow to solve the problems detected in the consumption analysis. He will use for that their serie of products EasyEnergy or other solutions on the market, depending on the case under study.

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Integration of Energy Optimization Devices and Systems

SENERGYPS also offers services for advising, dimensioning or integration of devices and sites for energy optimization and power quality. The considered systems go from the most basic reactive compensation systems bases on capacitors to the most complex harmonic active power filters (APF), reactive static compensator (STATCOM), dynamic voltage restorers (DVR) o uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), covering power from kW to MW.

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Design, Duplication and Improvement Service for Electronics Boards

SENERGYPS also offers the electronic board duplication and improvement service. With this service, the client can duplicate electronic boards that are important for their industrial processes, when the original manufacturers care is not interesting or does not exist. During the duplication process, SENERGYPS can identify and understand the funcionalities of electronic circuits, and propose improvements to them, actualizing components according to the new technologies available on the market, with the aim of increasing their technical-economic performance.

In this way SENERGYPS offers the electronic boards design service for energy applications, giving to the client all the files and information required for manufacturing the electronic boards.

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